The Creator Movie Review

From one of the first movies ever made, Georges Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon which was made all the way back in 1902, film has been a great medium to tell science-fiction stories. As technology advances so too do the opportunities to tell even grander tales.

Into this ever-expanding category comes Gareth Edwards’ The Creator. His directorial work on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Godzilla shows he has game in this medium and this is his boldest statement yet. He uses cutting-edge effects to full advantage and tackles a topic that is at the forefront of human thinking at the moment.



On the surface, the story tells of a time in the future when AI or artificial intelligence has become a species of its own and is in competition with humans for control of the planet. Sub-texturally it touches on subjects as wide-ranging as American Imperialism, the emergence of Asian culture as the dominant one and the simple love that can exist between a father and his child.

There are big ideas afloat and the concepts are complex ones but they are grounded in a story as old as man himself, where is our place in the cosmos and does the power of love transcend and even bridge the gap between man and machine. The Creator provides an epic journey well worth taking.

Rob Hudson