Abigail Movie Review

With tongue firmly in cheek, Abigail turns the kidnap and revenge yarn upside down with one small addition, the young abductee is a vampire. It takes several stock standard characters, ones that have been seen many times before and transforms them from perpetrators to victims.

The dumb stoner Dean (Angus Cloud) gets it first and then the bodies start to fall. The elastic rules that govern how a vampire can be permanently dispatched allow the filmmakers to share some very humorous moments as gore and viscera wash over the screen.



The story involves a group of professional misfits who kidnap a young ballet phenom, Abigail (Alisha Weir) to hold for ransom from her extremely rich father. Unfortunately for them, the girl has a secret, one that will change things dramatically. The hunters become the hunted and it’s fun to watch them as they drop one by one.

The blood flows freely as do the laughs as this irreverent approach makes for a comically sinful experience. Cumulatively there are so many films that feature versions of the undead (of various forms) that it takes some unique thinking to come up with something new. Abigail succeeds at that task, serious it is not but it is serious fun.
Rob Hudson