JB Fairfield – A Time For Heroes

As the world becomes an even more fractious place and with true lines of communication more elusive than ever, the universal language of music stands out as a lifeline to some of our troubles. Even in these seemingly dark times, there are lights of improvement that pierce the dark veil. Some people share their positivity in a way that suggests we can all change direction even if only from our perspective.

Music made for music’s sake can be quite powerful and even more so with an underlying message of the heroics present in all of us. In JB Fairfield’s latest release, A Time For Heroes the cause for that feeling is presented in such a way as to inspire as well as entertain. It’s a concept work that sees each song interlocking with each other and the ebb and flow is mesmerising,



Never short of music chops, this one-man band uses his wide range of instrumental skills to the betterment of the message. From the choral intro to the funky bass lines that are sliced up by keyboard washes and airy guitar in the opening track What Will The World Be Like to the urgent guitar tones in the Latin-tinged title track, the musicianship is devoted to the song first and foremost. Drop the needle anywhere and there is innovation amid dynamic shifts.

Special note must be made about the final track The Absence of Pain and Fear, its sequencing at the very end of the work is perfect as it is so uplifting and soulful that it caps off the preceding eight tracks in a most uplifting way. This is music used to the benefit of a thought process that even in today’s mixed times is relevant, that there is hope both externally as well as internally. A Time For Heroes communicates Its hopes in a most succinct and soulful way.
Rob Hudson

JB Fairfield’s A Time For Heroes can be found on most popular streaming services and also purchased from Bandcamp: www.bandcamp.com