The Fall Guy Movie Review

With the box office juggernaut last year that was Barbenheimer, it seemed to have split the money-making side of the market into two camps. On one side was the oh so serious and on the other was a technicolour escapade that had a message. Both are valid and both have existed since pictures started moving but one type that seems to need some emphasis is the purely entertaining ones.

Into this somewhat split cinematic landscape comes The Fall Guy. This movie is silly, humorous and just plain fun. It’s also a real treat for fans of film with its references to classic movie lines and send-ups of Hollywood excess but its most endearing trait is just how good you feel watching it.



This is the best kind of escapist fare. The humour is there but the pacing never suffers from the build-up needed to land the big joke. Its laugh-out-loud moments are few but the smile never leaves your face the entire 126 minutes of running time. The casting is spot on and the on-screen chemistry between its two leads Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling successfully sells their relationship.

The film’s consistency is remarkable and director David Leitch (John Wick and Deadpool 2) shows his solid background in directing and stunt work. This is highlighted in the homage to stuntmen that plays over the end credits, it’s worth staying for. The Fall Guy is the kind of work you can recommend to just about anyone, even movie snobs stand a good chance of being won over.
Rob Hudson