Strays Movie Review

Have you ever looked in the eyes of your pet and wondered what was going on behind those friendly peepers? Well, hopefully, you’ve been kind to your pets in the past and need not worry. However for those with transgressions in that past, They best not run into the motley mutts that make up the cast of Strays.

Reggie (Will Ferrell), Bug (Jamie Foxx), Hunter (Randall Park) and Maggie (Isla Fisher) are the canines in question and they prove there are consequences to miss-treating man’s best buddy. Just ask that human dropkick Doug (Will Forte) who ends up paying a very heavy price for his bad behaviour.




Director Josh Greenbaum gets the raunch just right and keeps the profanity flowing. One would also hope that Jamie Foxx gets paid for every f-bomb he drops because that would make him a very rich man. The rest of the voice actors add their individual touch to what is in essence a road movie that tugs at the heartstrings and makes some valid points about the mistreatment of man’s best friend.

With most of the world quite literally going to the dogs these days, there are few outlets with the redemptive value to make up for the mess. One way that has always worked is spending quality time with the domestic breed of your choice. Their pure affection and love is quite redemptive but after seeing Strays one has to wonder what is actually going on between those floppy ears.
Rob Hudson