Maxxxine Movie Review

Who says Hollywood dreams can’t come true for a blonde with the initials MM? In this third instalment of writer/director Ti West’s X series of movies, Maxine Minx (Mia Goth) proves herself more than up to the task of dealing with anything that tinsel town can throw at her. It’s a joy to see her taking care of business.

Cornered in a dark alley by a knife-wielding thug? It is nothing that the gun in her handbag and the stiletto heels to his testicles can’t take care of. Tackling a difficult and highly emotional reading for a film part, nailed it! Even freeing Los Angeles from the grip of fear caused by a certain serial killer? It’s all in a day’s work.




Made to complement the other editions in the trilogy, it is not a necessity to have seen the others but for those in the know, this story takes place after the events in X. It straddles the line between horror and comedy with a deft touch and has a smarmy charm all of its own.

With an enjoyable old-school look and feel to the film and its mid-eighties-centric parade of clothes fashion and hair, it all ends up looking so fun and funky. It’s also great to see a female protagonist who can be strong without resorting to the usual gender based stereotypes. Maxine is a total badass and boy does she know it.
Rob Hudson