The Predator Movie Review

Long known for writing screenplays for some of the biggest action films in Hollywood, Shane Black has made a smooth transition into the director’s chair. Films he directed such as The Nice Guys and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang got the mix of action and storyline just right. With his latest foray behind the camera, he reboots The Predator franchise.

He has created a Predator movie for current audience members with a voracious appetite for action. He turns everything up to eleven, more carnage, more guns, more explosions and more stupidity. He gleefully disregards the laws of physics and sensibility and tries his best to overwhelm.



With this level of overload, you can’t help but have a rollicking good time. The film takes full advantage of giants screens, giant sound systems and giant cravings for pure action. He starts off with a big bang and ramps things up substantially from there.

Also to Black’s credit, he adds a strong female character to balance out all the testosterone and alien DNA with Olivia Munn’s role as Casey Bracket, a scientist who is both super smart and a total badass. If action is your forte, add this to your list of must see films.

Rob Hudson