Outpost Movie Review

Writer/director/actor Joe Lo Truglio (Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine) crafts an over-the-top thriller with Outpost. It’s never really what it seems to be and as it evolves, things just get crazier and crazier. The blurring of lines between truth and fiction gives almost every scene a question mark.

Kate (Beth Dover) is suffering from an unknown traumatic experience. She is surely suffering from PTSD and experiences frightening hallucinations. As the story unfolds we discover that she was attacked while working at a restaurant. There are also hints of other traumas.




She takes a job of isolation in a fire watch tower in the unpopulated mountains of Idaho. Her isolation seems to be helping as she starts to drink coffee from her cup instead of wine. She befriends a neighbour but this starts a chain of events that spiral out of control.

Consistently presenting scenes with more than one reality and giving hints throughout the proceedings helps to make one examine almost every aspect of what is happening on screen. Even by the film’s end, you will review what you have just witnessed and draw multiple conclusions. That kind of duality is never less than entertaining.

OUTPOST will be available on major streaming platforms in Australia & NZ from September 13th.
Rob Hudson