Kung Fu Panda 4 Movie Review

Jack Black is back as your favourite Ailuropoda Melanoleuca or Giant Panda if you must. This series is a quiet achiever and it’s modern animation craft at its most consistent. It started with a strong message about overcoming your self-doubt and finding the inner strength you never knew you had and now uses that as a secondary plot point.

This time the main subject is not being afraid of change and overcoming a comfortable existence to find your better self. Visually the film contains almost everything the ever-advancing craft is capable of with fantastic use of colour and wonderful set design. Being based in the East adds another element of the exotic and this is used to the fullest.



This is the most character-based outing of the series and relies heavily on the appeal of its two main voice actors Jack Black and Awkwafina. Black does tone down some of his more over-the-top tendencies but you still need to dig his shtick to get the most out of the film. Awkwafina also stays very much in her established persona. The rest of the cast features heavy hitters like Bryan Cranston, Ian McShane and Dustin Hoffman.

The term craft returns to mind as you experience Kung Fu Panda 4 and that is not meant as a slight. The amount of effort and the utilization of the many skill sets behind this project are very impressive indeed. As for the story, it’s consistent if not spectacular and finds a comfortable medium that will engage the adults as well as the younger ones. My favourite little one loved it.
Rob Hudson