Monkey Man Movie Review

You know you are in for an extreme experience when the main man behind the film, Dev Patel wishes you good luck in the taped introduction that was shown before the feature. He wears many hats here as the writer/director/producer and lead actor for Monkey Man. His visual sense defines the film’s look with almost every scene bathed in scarlet and shadow.

The action, while extremely violent in its nature is almost subtle in the way it is presented. The blood flows but the closely shot action scenes keep the energy high and confronting visuals somewhat discrete. There is very little gun play and the confrontations remain mostly in the hand-to-hand combat and knife play arena.



The story of revenge runs parallel with an examination of the plight of the poor and disenfranchised in India and the folklore surrounding Hanuman. This ape or monkey-like deity in Hinduism is considered immortal and is celebrated for his wisdom, strength, courage, and self-discipline. Patel’s character Kid shares most of these traits and virtues.

Patel has delivered a film crackling with energy and violence. This film feels like the Indian version of the John Wick saga, with our hero every bit the lethal weapon that is Wick. It does however have its own feel and sense of pace and visual presentation. This is a strong first film from Dev and makes one look towards his future with eager anticipation.
Rob Hudson