As Good As Dead Movie Review

The border between the United States and Mexico is 3139 kilometres long and one of the busiest in the world. One side is seen as the land of opportunity, the other side not so much. Between these two countries is a huge divide both financially, culturally and criminally. As Good As Dead weaves those strands together.

Oscar (Luca Oriel) is a young Mexican man trying to live a life on the right side of the law and distance himself from the gang life that has insnared his brother Hector (Guillermo Iván). He is befriended by Bryant (Michael Jai White), a man with a past who mentors him in martial arts. When a video is taken of Oscar in a fight, the techniques taught him send a signal to the wrong people.



When Sonny Kilbane (Tom Berenger), a criminal kingpin running his empire from prison sees the video, the two worlds are set on a crash course. As the story escalates we see how resourceful Bryant is and as parts of his backstory are revealed, we find out the true nature of the man. His developing friendship with Oscar’s brother Hector gives us the chance to see the human side of Bryant as well.

Complexity in the storyline is given a minority approach and you are given enough screen time with Bryant and his allies that they become the ones you become invested in. When things reach their conclusion, there are no real surprises but the satisfaction of seeing some righteous comeuppance to those that deserve it. It’s an entertaining way to spend the evening and will please aficionados of action films.
Rob Hudson

The film is out now on VOD and DVD from Eagle Entertainment Australia