Willie Nelson – To All The Girls Album Review

Can you really teach an old-dog new tricks? When you’re referring to someone like Willie Nelson, why bother?

His delivery has changed little in all these years and that’s just fine. The thought of him continuing to fall out of the tour bus amid a cloud of green smoke and then take the stage to deliver one of his laconic sets still warms the heart.

Returning to the duet formula for his latest release also fits just fine in these ears. It also helps getting your country on first thing on a lazy Sunday morning after a previous night of working an Aussie hip hop show. If definitely helps to balance out all those yo yo yos.

Teaming Willie with a plethora of Country Darlings (past and present) will always work with someone so generous with the vocal spotlight. “Time to wake up Willie, it’s your verse!” With names like Dolly, Rosanne, Wynonna, Loretta and Emmylou, you know the proceedings will have that hickory smoked appeal.

Country Music may be a dirty word in a lot of households but when you want to chill, really chill, that pedal steel guitar, relaxed to the point of slumber vocal approach and easy swing always goes down easy. Might have to balance it out with some metal later on but for the moment, cowboy hat happiness prevails.

Rob Hudson