The Dive Movie Review

Masterfully paced by writer/director Maximilian Erlenwein, The Drive is never less than edge-of-your-seat suspenseful. It builds and builds and barely gives you time to breathe. It also makes you never want to set foot in the ocean with diving gear on ever again.

Two sisters May (Louisa Krause) and Drew (Sophie Lowe) haven’t seen each other in some time. They plan a scuba diving trip to reconnect. Underwater escapades were part of their childhood and while giving them a love for the ocean, it also seems to have stirred up some heady emotions.




They plan to dive and explore an underwater cave and mid-adventure, a seismic occurrence happens and ends up trapping May under a heavy stone. Thus begins a race by Drew to save her sister. Things do not go well and the young sister will have to summon strength she didn’t know she had.

While the story doesn’t tread any new ground, the art behind the project sells the scenario. Set in large parts underwater, the claustrophobic nature and lack of light deep in the depths helps to build undeniable tension. The obstacles put in place don’t feel overly contrived and you become very invested in their ultimate fate.
Rob Hudson