The Big Bike Film Night Movie Review

Nothing illustrates how diverse a hobby cycling can be better than a short film festival dedicated to all things pedal-powered. This year’s Film Night was a particularly inspirational one and featured a few shorts that really highlighted the positive effects that bicycles can have on both health and happiness.

From the comic posturings of MAMIL (middle-aged men in lycra) where two riders battle it out anywhere but on the bike to the insane level of resolve shown in Along For The Ride. During which a father transports his very young son in a bicycle trailer while competing in a 320K 24-hour gravel race while suffering from a broken rib, the shorts run the gambit from humorous to inspirational.



There is also the story of the Schneeberger family who defy illness to give their two sons a dream journey where the little rippers get to live their best lifes while travelling and tearing up Mountain Bike Parks throughout Europe. And then there is a feature that deals with the liberating effects e-mountain bikes have to allow people to stay in touch with nature while out cycling regardless of individual limitations. It’s all uplifting stuff.

The festival continues its tour in Australia with stops in Wynnum, Nambour, Townsville and Cairns in Queensland and further stops in South Australia and Western Australia.

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