Slotherhouse Movie Review

With a name like Slotherhouse, you know the rules have to change. Reality goes out the window to be replaced by B-movie tropes. There isn’t even a slight attempt at realism as the sloth in question looks more like a stuffed animal that has been mauled by a toddler than any real living thing. That it goes on a death-dealing rampage only adds to the appeal.

Emily (Lisa Ambalavanar) moves into a new sorority house and runs headlong into the path of reigning b-queen Brianna (Sydney Craven). Looking to fit in she (through a convoluted plot) ends up with a sloth as a pet. She then proposes to nominate it as a house mascot. With this wild creature ensconced in a home filled with young girls, mayhem ensues.




With the robotic or puppet work bringing the sloth to life being so poor, every scene with the killer mammal in it is hilarious. This is intensional as the rest of the film doesn’t suffer from a no-budget approach. It brings to mind the early Chucky films, where you can’t keep a bad man down. Hit, stab or shoot, nothing seems to faze.

When you attempt to lower a film into the B-movie dudgeon, it usually finds a good number of fans on the way down. After all who doesn’t love a film that exists solely in its own world, a world filled with absolute ridiculousness and completely out of touch with reality. It proves once again that film art can entertainment even without lofty goals.

Slotherhouse is out now on DVD & On-Demand!