Missing Movie Review

Young ones take note, if your parents ever tell you that you are spending too much time on your computer, make sure they get out of the house and see Missing. By the film’s end, they will be begging you to go to your room and spend more time with those zeros and ones.

June (Storm Reid of Euphoria) is on a rampage. Her mother Grace (Nia Long) is out of town with her new boyfriend and she is going to take full advantage of the absence of parental control. But when mom goes missing the computer-savvy teenager kicks those skills into high gear.



This is a modern thriller fit for modern times. The story is told through a plethora of computer devices and online apps and it’s scary how much information is out there with the mere stroke of a keyboard key. June’s aptitude is not just limited to the PC world either as her lateral thinking skills rock.

With a unique approach to the visual side of storytelling and a script that keeps the surprise reveals coming throughout, Missing is that rare film in that almost all of the ideas, new and traditional come together to form a solid viewer experience. After your folks return from the cinema, that Christmas list of computer upgrades may be closer than you think.
Rob Hudson