Kodachrome Movie Review

Never underestimate the power of the cinema and the actors within. Kodachrome travels down a familiar path with few surprising moments but it is still a visceral and emotional experience.

The story involving a dying father attempting to reconnect with an estranged son has been done many times before. Even with such familiarity, there are some truly moving scenes and even the ending, while completely predictable is very satisfying.

Jason Sudeikis as the son steps away from his comic past and successfully connects with the serious role, while Ed Harris, the father, ratchets up the crankiness as a world famous photographer who lives every spoiled artist cliche to the hilt. Elizabeth Olsen also pauses from huge budget films to delivers a nuanced performance.



This is a small film with noble ambitions and the ability to transcend its structure and content to create memorable cinema. It’s a welcome change to some of more over the top entertainment making the rounds at the moment.

Rob Hudson