Black Box Theatre Review

Taking a unique approach to what live theatre can offer, Black Box focuses a light on the life and accomplishments of the Australian inventor David Warren. Mostly unknown outside of aviation circles, Warren was instrumental in the creation of a device that would record flight data of an aeroplane that could survive a crash, commonly called the Black Box


Driven to create this device by the lasting memory of a distant father who was killed in a plane crash, it became an industry standard and has helped hundreds of crash scene investigators discover the causes behind the incidents. Creating this device and then getting it to be accepted in a conservative environment was a huge challenge and became his life’s work.




Unique in its presentation, Black Box is actually a musical and uses wireless headphones (like those used in outdoor cinemas) to help create a 3D sonic soundscape and the sound design is fascinating. It mixes live stage sound and pre-recorded elements to fully envelope the viewer. Actor Michael Cormick plays Warren, he has a fine singing voice and is more than up to the task of carrying the proceedings.

The fact that Warren was such a driven man adds dynamic range to the story as he is far from the ideal partner. His disregard for the importance of spending time with his young family and wife, who suffers from Perinatal Depression brings you to the verge of disliking him. His wife Ruth is effectively played by Helpmann Award winner Helen Dallimore. Queenslander Paul Hodge has created a captivating approach to the theatre and this production should not be missed.

Black Box is currently playing a limited season at Cremorne Theatre, QPAC, Brisbane until 19 May 2024 – click here for more information and tickets.