Dendy Powerhouse Outdoor Cinema Barbie Movie Review with Nina the Cavoodle

Yes, I have that kind of pawrents. They know nothing is too good for me and I make sure that code is followed to the letter. So when I woke up at the vet, who I also have wrapped around my paw with this weird thing on my neck that I couldn’t chew through, I had to figure out a way to make it into an advantage.

When I heard my pawrents speak of this colourful movie with my kindred spirit Margot Robbie, I knew I had to see it. Now let’s dispel a rumour right now, we of the furry kind can see moving images on a screen even if red and green are sort of difficult. What member of my fellow brethren doesn’t like to bark at those Hollywood doggos when we see them on the screen?

Now how to get my way? The bigger of my two pawrents had this stack of paper on the coffee table with an image of Margot on it, so I chewed up everything but that lovely face and even though I don’t think they enjoyed the mess, it must have planted a seed because only a few days later I walked up in my finest, plus that damn plastic thing to an outdoor space filled with chairs and fellow furry friends.




The mix of smells was wonderful and I even fancied a big pooch sitting regally a small distance away. Everyone was in such a good mood, the cuddles came from everywhere, although it does help that I’m cute as a button. I had such a good time I left my calling card as often as I could on the walk back to the steel box that moves. The next day the pawrents were saying something about another outdoor event with something called Mean Girls. I will be going to that as I already have a few ideas, just hope this stupid plastic thing is gone by then.

The Dendy Powerhouse Outdoor Theatre with have a second dog-friendly screening of the film Mean Girls on Sunday February 11. Info
Nina Hudson