Beledo – Dreamland Mechanism – Music Review

Playing out more like a gathering of friends than a who can top who riff fest, Dreamland Mechanism is rife with moments of transcendence. Opening track Mechanism gets things off to a burning start with Beledo going toe to toe with himself and the listener being the ultimate winner as his prowess on guitar and violin combine to grand effect.

Bye Bye Blues is really driven by stickman Gary Husband as his rolling drums constantly keep the forward momentum in overdrive. It’s this friendly determination that keeps things is the service of the song and away from personal grandstanding. Marylin’s Escapade again highlights Beledo’s unreal overabundant capacity as he adds accordion to the already sumptuous mix. His fluidity is engaging as the notes seamlessly flow.

Lucilla is an exotic acoustic sidestep with Endang Ramdan’s percussive drive and Beledo’s channeling of Jaco on fretless bass giving the song an enticing combination of ingredients, the only thing missing from this inebriating cocktail is the little umbrella. Sudden Voyage with its funky syncopation resets the clock halfway through the proceedings.

Highlights are abundant on the album’s second half and it’s hard to pick out a favorite moment, as there are so many to choose from. The industrial science fiction sounding guitar tone on Big Brother Calling or the meditative state of Silent Assessment and Budjanaji are just a few that spring to mind. Regardless of the surprise directions Dreamland Mechanism drops into throughout its journey, the playing is a luxury of common good and unearthly skill serving to underline how much joy can come out of the collaborative process.

Rob Hudson