Alliance Française French Film Festival – The Three Musketeers – Part I: D’Artagnan Movie Review

One can easily imagine that French author Alexandre Dumas (who was born in 1802) would have had no idea of the longevity and continuing appeal of his work. His writing was populist at the time and was even serialized in some instances. Another of his works, The Count of Monte Cristo has also endured and prospered throughout the years. There is a reason behind this appeal, Dumas creates characters that endure.

The Three Musketeers touches on the timeless themes of integrity, a sense of duty and brotherhood but also includes kick-ass sword fights and more than its fair share of damsels in distress. With this new (2023) take on the classic, The Three Musketeers – Part I: D’Artagnan and Part 2: Milady, it’s fitting to be shepherded by French director and second-generation movie man Martin Bourboulon.



These two films were major productions in France and as such feature extravagant budgets and large casts with big stars. In keeping with its country of origin, the accuracy of its look is paramount and Bourboulon and cinematographer Nicolas Bolduc were unafraid to set the action in dark and dangerous surroundings. They have created a world best seen in a very dark room so you can revel in the minute detail. It is also unsentimental when dispatching some of its main characters.

Having never had an issue with sub-titles, it must be noted that this is a work that was made for many markets in the world and as such the act of reading to keep up is very easy as the screen is never overcrowded with text. The emotional content is also very apparent by the actor’s skill. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, this level of entertainment demands the viewing of its sister part two Milady. With the festival screening both titles, go big and see both in one sitting!
Rob Hudson

The Three Musketeers – Part I: D’Artagnan Brisbane Screenings
Palace Barracks
1:10 PM Tuesday 19 March
1:10 PM Friday 22 March

Palace James Street
12:50 PM Saturday 23 March
5:50 PM Friday 29 March

Alliance Française French Film Festival runs in Brisbane from 5 March – 2 April and will take place at the Palace James Street and Palace Barracks cinemas.

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