Alliance Française French Film Festival – The Animal Kingdom Movie Review

Set in a parallel universe much like ours, The Animal Kingdom is an entertaining study of the degrees of acceptance a society has on its outliers. This is a world where unexplained circumstances cause members of its general population to mutate into beings that are a cross between humans and members of the animal kingdom, hence the name.

It also explores the Marindaze family, Father François (Romain Duris) and Son Émile (Paul Kircher). François has lost his wife and Émile’s mother to the mutations and she has to reside in a facility that keeps these beings from the public view. When this facility has a breakout of its residents, it puts things into overdrive.

If Son Émile didn’t have enough teen problems to deal with, like talking to girls and fitting in with cool kid members of his new school, he must now face the truth that he is himself starting to show signs of mutation. An awkward boy to begin with, he has been raised well and begins to show some empathy to his fellow mutants.



The film is very French in its presentation and downplays the sensationalism of its subject matter. The result of this approach makes it more of a human study than an out-of-control science fiction tale of impending doom. You come to admire the Marindaze family and feel for the plight of Émile. This uses a sci-fi approach to tell a story about human nature.
Rob Hudson

The Animal Kingdom screenings in Brisbane
10:45AM Wednesday 6 March
6:00PM Saturday 9 March
3:30PM Thursday 14 March
12:45PM Saturday 16 March
11:00AM Sunday 17 March
8:00PM Wednesday 20 March
12:50PM Saturday 23 March
1:10PM Wednesday 27 March
8:45PM Thursday 28 March

6:00PM Sunday 10 March
3:30PM Wednesday 13 March
6:30PM Monday 18 March
1:00PM Thursday 21 March
8:20PM Saturday 23 March
6:00PM Saturday 30 March

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