Pig Movie Review

Few art forms can create quite the immersive experience as big-screen cinema. The creation of a world that feels believable yet almost completely foreign is unique and Pig revels in those opposites. Casting world-class odd-man-out Nicolas Cage in the lead role only helps sell the scenario.

Rob (Cage) and his pig live an outsider’s existence. Way off the grid and devoid of almost all the trappings of technology. His barn yard buddy is a truffle hunter and excels at that exercise. Selling those buried treasures crates the only contact Rob has with the outside world, a weekly visit from his wholesaler Amir (Alex Wolff).



When two raiders in the night steal Rob’s four-legged friend, he must face his past and the outside world to regain something he lost and truly misses. This plays out most unusually and divulges information as you are intoxicated by the exotic world of fine food and its fanatical followers.

Shot with an extremely low light palette and dependent on a room with very little luminous interference, Pig rewards you with a journey that features few current reference points. Isn’t getting lost in a heretofore unknown world what the captivating quality of cinema is all about?
Rob Hudson