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Watch the trailer for A Family – screening exclusively at Dendy Coorparoo!

A man living in solitary seeks emotional refuge in the organising and documenting of family moments using low-grade impersonators. When his fake sister becomes inspired to follow his method, their relationship struggles between the forged and genuine.   //   A Family will be screening exclusively at Dendy Coorparoo from June 17!

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Movie Review

Reprising his role as Deadpool, oops I mean Michael Bryce, the bodyguard from the first film of the franchise, Reynolds gets to revisit a character he knows oh so well. The wisecracks are familiar territory and the script throws him a lot of easy-to-hit pitches. Jackson is well Jackson but Hayek really gets to raise her game in regards to her PPM (profanities per minute).   //   The trio gets to engage in all kinds of mischief while they work to save the European Union ...