The Time is Now is coming to La Boite this May!

“We will not be silenced.”

One stage, one microphone, countless young voices demanding to be heard.

The Time Is Now is a thrilling glimpse into the future as imagined by 10 switched-on and politically savvy young Queenslanders aged 12-17, that make up La Boite’s Young Artist Company.

Real teenagers with real conviction, spanning diverse cultures, backgrounds and political views, will make you sit up and pay attention as they advocate for a better future.



The Time Is Now gives this young citizen’s assembly a stage and a platform to deliver their first political speeches, threading dance, dialogue and surprise cameo appearances among each powerful presentation.

The inspired performance piece gives voice to a generation often silenced or dismissed.

The Time Is Now is an entertaining and exhilarating exercise in the power of energy and ideas and demonstrates once and for all that children should be seen and heard.

Welcome to the future!

The Time is Now
La Boite, Brisbane
24 May – 5 June 2021