The Great Gatsby: An Immersive Theatrical Production is coming to Brisbane!

Brisbane – you are invited to delve into a world of glitz and glamour at The Great Gatsby!

The team at Viral Ventures (Beyond Cinema, Wonderland Bar, The Wizard’s Den) have brought their latest offering to Brisbane and audiences are loving it! Inspired by the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Immersive Theatrical Production blurs the boundaries of conventional theatre and allows audiences to explore and immerse themselves in another world.

Led by an exciting ensemble cast, this production includes live music, burlesque, exquisite singing, tap dancing, moving theatrical performances. It offers audiences the opportunity to experience the story of Gatsby as they have never seen it before, even partially inhabiting the character of Nick Carroway, as he tells the tragic love story from 1922.



The Great Gatsby runs 2hrs and 20mins and guests can expect a world overflowing with extravagance, romance, plenty of ballroom parties, secret rendezvous, audience interaction and bootleg gin!

It is a true choose-your-own-adventure-style theatrical production, meaning everyone’s experience will be unique. There is a full bar on site and drinks can be purchased before, during and after the show.

The Great Gatsby: An Immersive Theatrical Production
The Great Gatsby Club, 75 Longland Street, Newstead
NOW Until Dec 18