Awesome Ocean Party is coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse this month!

Awesome Ocean Party is a magic-realism-cabaret cross birthday party hosted by a woman who believes she is half octopus.

She invites you, her party guests, into the depths of her three hearts. Through song, storytelling and ocean-themed everything she weaves together a tale of love, loss, longing and legends of amphibious family histories.

An exploration into our need for human connection, it asks: how can we transform our pain and fear into vulnerability and courage allowing us to be imperfectly human, together?



Awesome Ocean Party was nominated for Best Cabaret at Melbourne Fringe 2016 and features original music by Nathan Stoneham (Underground and The Dokboki Box), and is created and performed by acclaimed theatre maker and actor Giema Contini (The Lost Lending Library, The Arrival, Young Hearts Run Free).

This is a fun, quirky and poignant adventure that will blow your expectations out of the water.

Awesome Ocean Party
Brisbane Powerhouse
21 – 24 November, 2019