Wishlist Movie Review – Moro Spanish Film Festival

Utterly charming and a bit naughty, Wishlist is a perfect introduction to the allure of Spanish cinema. It’s an irreverent look at friendship, family, and survival in the face of long odds. It’s a road movie driven by female energy and the avoidance of male one-upmanship is refreshing.

Eva (María León) and Carmen (Victoria Abril) meet during chemotherapy and become friends while the elder Carmen helps Eva with her hard-earned wisdom. They make bucket lists, grab their gal pal Mar (Silvia Alonso), and hit the road. As they check off the items on the lists their lives become transformed.



The film could have easily descended into predictable cliche if it weren’t for the ever-present chemistry between the three lady leads. Even the male characters provide more support than anguish. This is a work to get lost in the pure joy of survival and the substantial effect of optimism.

Wishlist is screening as part of the Moro Spanish Film Festival:

Palace James Street
Thursday 29, April 11:00 AM
Wednesday 5, May 1:50 PM
Sunday 9, May 6:30 PM
Friday 14, May 3:40 PM

Palace Barracks
Friday 30, April 10:45 AM
Saturday 1, May 6:00 PM
Tuesday 11, May 2:00 PM
Saturday 15, May 12:50 PM

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