The Nightingale Movie Review

Set in Tasmania in 1825, The Nightingale delivers an adventure of epic proportions. Confronting and unafraid to push the viewer to the edge of repulsion, it will most certainly leave its mark in your grey matter.

Clare (Aisling Franciosi) is a young Irish convict who chases Hawkins (Sam Claflin) a repugnant British Officer across the Tasmanian wilderness in an act of revenge. Hawkins and some of his men have perpetrated unthinkable horrors upon Clare and her young family.


Clare enlists the help of Billy (Baykali Ganambarr), an Aboriginal tracker to aid in her quest. During their journey they learn to respect each other as they witness horrible savagery foisted upon the native Aboriginals by the white settlers. This is accomplished in a very unflinching way.

Writer/director Jennifer Kent follows up her film The Babadook with an amazingly powerful work that is unafraid to take sides and show the atrocities carried out on both the Aboriginal and convict populations of that period. While it is at times incredibly challenging to watch, it provides a great reward for those that are up to the task.

Rob Hudson