The Night Before Movie Review

With this festive season upon us, one must prepare for mistletoe missteps; holiday office party disasters and hopefully some seriously messed up Christmas films. The Night Before doesn’t hold back in any way, shape or form and can easily be added to that list of X-Mas essentials like Bad Santa, Black Christmas, Rare Exports and Santa’s Slay (will Bill Goldberg ever get recognized as the awesomely bad actor he is?).

We have a tradition around these parts in putting a concentrated effort into scaring off our guests with warped movie playlists, eggnog with only booze and no nog and a black and yellow Christmas tree (a left over cinema display from Seinfeld’s grand folly, Bee Movie). Every year we add to the Kringle cruel collection but it’s been years since a movie this f&$%ed up has joined the mad menagerie.

The Night Before has just about everything to guaranty holiday good cheer, drugs, booze, tawdry sex in bathrooms, drug dealing angels, pugilist Santa’s, more drugs and Miley Cyrus. Oh and did I forget to mention the overabundance of cringe worthy moments and James Franco’s penis?

If you only see one Christmas movie this season, make sure it’s The Night Before. I want major box office success that breeds many sequels so our collection of twisted treats can grow year after year after year.

Rob Hudson