Rosa’s Wedding Movie Review – Moro Spanish Film Festival

Sometimes when a woman plans the wedding of her dreams, it includes everything, everything but the groom. Rosa (Candela Peña) has reached the end of her tether and needs to make a statement to the family and friends that take her for granted. What better way than a wedding. A wedding for one.

Rosa tries to do it all. Full-time work (and then some) as a seamstress, keeping a wayward daughter on the up and up, even looking after the neighbour’s plants while they are away on the vacations she never seems to have. She is helpful to all who ask and this has led her to be bled dry of energy and joy.



One day she decides to put herself first and disappears from her normal day to day. Slowly all her dependents realise her absence and are unbelieving when confronted with the gap his absence has created. This is a consistently amusing work that often rises to the level of outright laughter but not to the degree of feeling forced or artificial. There are so many signposts that mirror normal life, its appeal is universal.

Rosa’s Wedding is screening as part of the Moro Spanish Film Festival:


Thursday 6, May 7:00 PM
Sunday 9, May 4:00 PM
Thursday 13, May 11:15 AM
Friday 14, May 1:00 PM

Friday 7, May 6:00 PM
Monday 10, May 1:30 PM

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