Rocky Horror Show Theatre Review

Anyone that only knows Rocky Horror from the film is doing themselves a major disservice. This Raunch & Roll classic is perfectly suited to the live theatre setting, with a live band pumping out the tunes and real humans delivering those risqué lyrics with a conspiratorial wink. It works very well on stage.

The casino setting at The Star Gold Coast somehow reinforces the outlier attitude of this show. This isn’t staid and safe theatre, it’s full of life and is loud and lurid. An outstanding cast is led by Laurence Olivier Award-winning American actor David Bedella as Frank ‘n’ Furter and his experience in the role shines as he is mesmerizing.



Having a live rock band blasting out the backing tracks reinforces the impact of the songs. As well does the actors supplementing their dance and acting craft with quality singing voices. Those familiar songs are given an assertive new life with the ensemble atmospherics and the reprise of Time Warp to close out the show sent the punters happily home with that infectious song fully embedded.

It’s been a long while since we built a weekend away around a live theatre event and we ended up having a great time. Even with the route back to our hotel room at the end of the night being lined with games of chance we got back to our lodgings relatively unscathed.

Additional cast members include:
Brad – Ethan Jones
Janet – Deirdre Khoo
Riff Raff – Henry Rollo
Rocky – Loredo Malcolm
Magenta – Stellar Perry
Columbia – Darcey Eagle
Eddie/Dr Scott – Ellis Dolan

The Rocky Horror Show is currently playing at The Star Gold Coast, Broadbeach until September 23, 2023!
Rob Hudson