Ravage Movie Review

Being in the outdoors can be tough. The bugs, the humidity, the homicidal maniacs. Harper (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) is out in the woods, enjoying the wilderness and practicing the art of photography when she sees a horrible crime being committed. Of course with the trusted Canon by her side, she has to stop and get a picture or two.

So begins her terrible journey into the darker side of human existence. Along the way, Ravage indulges in almost every backwater hillbilly cliche known to movie kind. Once you dispense with the expectation of originality, you can just sit back and enjoy the carnage. When the damsel in distress meets Ravener (Robert Longstreet) the derangement begins in earnest.



Harper is quite resourceful and using ingenuity while getting in touch with her inner MacGyver she is able to send a few underlings to an early grave and even takes the patriarch of the family down. The numbers game eventually catches up with her and she has to face Ravener mano e womano. The final confrontation and reveal is an eye-opener and shows there is still life and death left in these genre films.
Rob Hudson

Ravage is out now via your favourite purveyor of DVDs as well as Video On Demand.