Old Movie Review

A strong addition to the M. Night Shyamalan catalogue, Old benefits from its source material, the graphic novel by Pierre Oscar Levy and Frederik Peeters called Sandcastle. The concept is a solid one and Shyamalan shows substantial skills that were learned over his long career. He also pays homage to his kindred spirit Alfred Hitchcock by casting himself in the film.

Many find his directorial abilities are best served when using others’ concepts as a wellspring. The depth and detail of this tale allows Shyamalan to make some pointed observations on topics such as the cutthroat nature of a certain huge industry and the expected entitlements of the wealthy.



The supernatural elements afoot are contrasted nicely by how idyllic the settings are. The beautiful beaches and lush scenery lull you into a gentle calm before things turn nasty. As the tension ramps up so do the horror elements. There are a number of effective scenes that cement the escalating sense of dread and the human element helps fuels that danger.

The film’s big reveal, while not completely unexpected still ends things on a satisfying note, which can be an issue with many works in this genre. Looking back on what has driven the story to this point provides deeper levels of entertainment. Might make you stay away from secluded beaches for a while though.

Rob Hudson