Italian Film Festival – The Perfect Dinner Movie Review

Falling into a vocation he was ill-suited for Carmine (Salvatore Esposito) Is more a big teddy bear than a stone-cold criminal. He became immersed in the life after his late father saved a local crime lord Pasquale (Gianfranco Gallo) by taking a bullet for him.

Carmine shows Pasquale he lacks the killer instinct and is sent away to run a money laundering scheme surrounding the running of a restaurant. While there Carmine meets Consuelo (Greta Scarano). She is a headstrong chef who used to work at the restaurant that was taken over.

They butt heads as their paths cross around town but soon she is hired as head chef as Carmine sees the running of this restaurant as a way of creating something that is his and giving him the ability to excel at something. These plans come undone and a debt is owed, to Pasquale.


There are no real surprises in-store here for the viewer but it’s comforting to just sit back and enjoy a work dedicated to pure enjoyment. The Perfect Dinner is a crowd-pleasing mix of passion, food and regret and makes for a delicious meal with a side order of quirky Italian love-story details.
Rob Hudson

The Perfect Dinner screenings in Brisbane
Thursday 22 September 10:30 AM
Friday 23 September 8:40 PM
Sunday 25 September 6:10 PM
Monday 3 October 2:20 PM
Thursday 6 October 11:15 AM
Sunday 9 October 1:40 PM
Thursday 13 October 3:30 PM

Saturday 24 September 8:15 PM
Wednesday 28 September 11:45 AM
Saturday 1 October 8:30 PM
Sunday 2 October 11:30 AM
Friday 7 October 3:40 PM
Saturday 8 October 8:20 PM
Tuesday 11 October 11:30 AM
Saturday 15 October 3:40 PM

The Italian Film Festival runs in Brisbane from 21 September – 19 October and will take place at the Palace James Street and Palace Barracks cinemas.

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