Dumb Money Movie Review

Nothing illustrates the adage that money is power more than the shenanigans that Wall Street gets away with in America. Dumb Money tells the true tale of the time that the little man fought back and actually enacted some positive change in the banking system. It was a small victory but a victory nonetheless.

Brokers on Wall Street use a technique called Short Selling where they bet on the decline of a company’s fortunes to make money. It’s based on borrowing a stock, selling the stock and then buying the stock back to return it to the lender. If the stock price goes down, then you’ll pay less to replace the shares and make a profit.



If that sounds dubious, it’s probably because it is. Dumb Money follows the story of Keith Gill (Paul Dano) a video blog host who helped to lead a group of investors who bought stock of an American retailer called GameStop. Some big money firms had bet that the company’s stock would decrease in value and saw a way to make money off this misfortune. Gill and the people who followed him turned that around.

Hollywood films can do a great job of making a complex issue understandable but not always without dumbing down the subject matter considerably. This film sidesteps that problem by trusting its audience to follow its narrative and pay attention. For those that do, it’s a riveting and entertaining yarn.
Rob Hudson