British Film Festival – The Old Oak Movie Review

The British film industry is a vibrant one. That vibrancy is oftentimes filtered through a more realistic lens than their American counterparts use. No one personifies that ethos more than Ken Loach. The British-born director has never given in to the allure of the overblown hundreds of millions of dollars project.

He has consistently staked out his own territory in the industry. A space that often includes amateur or non-actor cast members and stories cut from the swatch of real life. This results in outstanding work that is socially relevant and emotionally satisfying but it’s a risky proposal.




The Old Oak is topical and relevant but those risks outweigh the end results somewhat. The acting is underwhelming and counter to Loach’s usual emotional accuracy this work feels forced and overly sentimental. Its final resolve also lacks the underlying storyline to feel realistic.

When you care about an artist’s work you need to experience it in its totality and as Loach has never strived for pure entertainment, knowing that going in, The Old Oak is worth viewing under that context. Its message is still relevant even if the delivery isn’t as stellar as usual.
Rob Hudson

The Old Oak screenings in Brisbane
Friday 3 November 8:00pm
Sunday 5 November 1:30pm
Saturday 11 November 8:10pm
Monday 13 November 8:00pm
Friday 17 November 6:15pm
Sunday 19 November 3:10pm
Monday 20 November 6:15pm

Saturday 4 November 8:15pm
Sunday 5 November 6:00pm
Friday 10 November 6:30pm
Saturday 11 November 4:00pm
Thursday 16 November 6:20pm
Saturday 18 November 1:20pm
Sunday 19 November 1:30pm

The British Film Festival runs in Brisbane from 2 November – 29 November and will take place at the Palace James Street and Palace Barracks cinemas.

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