Check out the trailer for Skategoat – coming to cinemas this August!

Leandre Sanders was born in Venice Beach, LA, into a world of gangs and crime. The only thing that kept him out of trouble was his love of skateboarding.

While his older brothers joined the family tradition of running with gangs, Leandre – dubbed Skategoat – spent most of his days and nights at Venice Beach skatepark with his younger brother Leontay. He was so talented and determined that, at the age of 11, he caught the eye of filmmaker Van Alpert. Over the next ten years, Van would document Leandre’s struggle to perfect his skateboarding and to survive.



Skategoat is directed by Van Alpert and stars Leandre Sanders, Haden McKenna and Tony Hawk.

Skategoat is coming to Australian cinemas on August 1, 2024.