Nobody Movie Review

After the latest lockdown has ended and you are looking for a film to start your return to the cinema with a bang, Nobody is perfect. It’s big and loud and a whole lot of fun. It comes from the creative minds behind John Wick and that pedigree is prevalent in almost every scene. It also mixes in elements from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Bob Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansell, an everyday schmo whose family life is on repeat play until a home invasion turns things upside down and his past comes to the fore. For those that are fans of Mr. Goodman, it’s like seeing him transform into Rambo and play out an adult fantasy version of Home Alone.



There is a tie-in with the Russian mafia that doesn’t involve a puppy but might include a Van Gogh painting and one badass Grandfather (played with an infectious glee by Christopher Lloyd). The propulsive soundtrack also shows that rock songs from the past still have a place in the present and a few of those old chestnuts energetically push things along.

Not particularly challenging in storyline, it still builds a strong audience connection with the characters and you cheer them along even as the body count rises to ridiculous levels. Fans of the main actors’ previous works will be justly rewarded as the nods to the past are compelling and highly entertaining.

Rob Hudson