Thievery Corporation Aussie Tour

Lose yourself to the smooth tunes from the eclectic Thievery Corporation, making a highly anticipated return to Australia this coming February 2016 – their first in over 4 years with a full live band.

Thievery Corporation duo, Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, have spent two decades creating boundary warping, complexly crafted electronic music blending an eclectic array of influences from Afro –beat, Indian, Jamaican Dub, Brazilian, New York tones with trip hop and acid jazz.

Thievery Corporation’ Bossa Nova inspired latest studio album, ‘Saudade’, once again sees the band changing direction, trading the fiery energy of their last two albums for a more wistful and summery mood.

The album once again demonstrates why the band is one of the most influential and respected names on the electronic and dance music scene.

‘Brilliant…a complex, sensual release pushing the boundaries in style – 4.5/5 stars’ – The Australian

The Australian shows will feature a full live band, drawing material from Thievery Corporation,s stellar discography over the past two decades. Prepare to be mind blown by Thievery Corporation as they guide you through an energetic, ethereal, sultry, groovy, mysterious and hypnotic musical journey.

Thievery Corporation Aussie Tour
09 February – The Tivoli, Brisbane
11 February – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
12 February – The Forum Theatre, Melbourne
13 February – Perth International Arts Festival, Perth