Play Moves is coming to MoB this summer!

Surrender yourself to the sublime art of play.

A celebration of sensory practice, Play Moves is a multi-generational exhibition that champions curiosity, creativity and the sheer joy of fun. For the first time in what feels like an age, this exhibition invites audiences to touch, move, explore and play like a child in a series of interactive art experiences that come alive when you engage with them.

From high sensory experiences, to low sensory journeys, this exhibition invites you to tailor your own adventure to suit your needs. Love to make mischief? Step into an 80s office full of dancing pot plants and secret interactions courtesy of Counterpilot, create a cacophony of curiosity with Tara Pattenden’s zany tentacle orchestra, or shake and move your way through a cloud of pixels with Sai Karlen’s interactive digital projections.



Prefer to take it slow? Help us weave a tapestry of creative collaboration with Slow Art Collective’s giant loom, build a temple of serenity with UnitePlayPerform’s installation of coloured totems or simply sink into the comfort of Michelle Vine’s affirming and serene artworks.

Want to be the first to explore Play Moves? Stay Up Late with MoB on Friday 9 December and join them for art-after-dark party to kick off the show. It’s good to play this summer!

Play Moves
Museum of Brisbane
9 December 2022 – 16 April 2023