Into the Green World Science Festival Brisbane 2023 is coming to GOMA!

Presented by Queensland Museum and Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), ‘Into the Green’ explores the intermingling of humans and nature championing the ways we can live harmoniously with the natural world as a source of nourishment, scientific discovery and hope for our future.

Two new Australian documentaries lead this exciting line up – Greenhouse by Joost 2022 which details Artist and Designer Joost Bakker’s project to create a house that can provide food and energy.

Alongside this is Franklin 2022 which heads down the breath-taking Franklin River in to tell the story about the possibility for community-lead change in the face of what seemed an unstoppable commercial force – the proposed damming of Tasmania’s last wild river.



The Hidden Life of Trees 2020 and Fantastic Fungi 2019 chart the incredible and secret lives of plants and mushrooms and their ability to communicate with one another. Two documentaries – Kiss the Ground 2020 and The Biggest Little Farm 2018 – look to the future of food, exploring the exciting ways in which regenerative agriculture could have an impact on climate change.

Into the Green World Science Festival Brisbane 2023
24 – 26 March 2023
Gallery of Modern Art & Cinema A, Brisbane