DC League of Super-Pets Movie Review

From the opening scene that fills the screen of the baby Kal-El and a Labrador Retriever puppy later to be known as Krypto, you know that the cuteness factor will be ramped way up. The fact that the young pup stows away on that fateful last flight from the disintegrating planet of Krypton only adds to the story.

Fast forward to when both creatures are grown up and Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) and the man of steel (John Krasinski) share accommodations in a walk-up flat in the city of Metropolis. They fight crime and do most everything together until that pesky reporter Lois Lane (Olivia Wilde) enters the scene.



From that point on, things are played mostly for laughs with some life sessions thrown in for good measure. A guinea pig named Lulu (Kate McKinnon) inherits superpowers then kidnaps Superman, disables Krypto’s powers and creates an army to wreak havoc. The now superpower-free Krypto is left to save the day.

Modern computer animation is used to the fullest and the vibrant colours and imaginative action keeps the momentum up as does the all-star vocal cast. The finely balanced sense of humour is consistently engaging and never too rude or saccharine. Parents are kindly Invited to join in on the fun.
Rob Hudson