The Wife Movie Review

We live in a world of half truths and often times there is no truth at all. It’s there in sport, it’s there in politics, it’s there in business and it’s there in relationships. The Wife examines a relationship built on lies and half truths.

There was a time the deception was with purpose, to overcome the conditions and gender bias of the times. Then through time the lie became one person’s reality and the other’s trap. This is a story with bold overtones and one that requires the right touch to tell.



Director Björn Runge (Daybreak & Mouth to Mouth) combines a great cast and fine screenplay by Jane Anderson (based on a novel by Meg Wolitzer) to produce a gripping work. It is a timely exposé on some of the sacrifices that women have had to make to fit into male dominated segments of society.

The performances by Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce as the two leads are outstanding. His character is full of hubris and self importance, hers is a slow burn of resentment and regret. Together they power the film to an eventful climax. This is a film to see for the acting as well as the message.

Rob Hudson