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The Wife Movie Review

There was a time the deception was with purpose, to overcome the conditions and gender bias of the times. Then through time the lie became one person’s reality and the other’s trap. This is a story with bold overtones and one that requires the right touch to tell.   //   Director Björn Runge (Daybreak & Mouth to Mouth) combines a great cast and fine screenplay by Jane Anderson (based on a novel by Meg Wolitzer) to produce a gripping work. It is a timely exposé ...

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When they discover this to be a lie, they set out together to find their real father, and end up learning more about their mother than they probably ever wanted to know.   //   FATHER FIGURES is directed by Lawrence Sher and stars Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, J.K Simmons, Bill Irwin, Katt Williams, Terry Bradshow, Ving Rhames, Harry Shearer, June Squibb, Christopher Walken and Glenn Close. FATHER FIGURES releases in Australian cinemas on February 8, 2018

The Girl with all the Gifts – Exclusive to Dendy!

In a dystopian near future, humanity has been ravaged by a mysterious fungal disease. The afflicted are robbed of all free will and turned into flesh-eating 'hungries'. Humankind's only hope is a small group of hybrid children who crave human flesh but retain the ability to think and feel. The children go to school at an army base in rural Britain, where they're subjected to cruel experiments by Dr. Caroline Caldwell (Glenn Close). School teacher Helen Justineau (Gemma Arterton) grows ...