The Dressmaker Movie Review

The Dressmaker is an Australian film delight. Its humour is as dark as the night and it is very funny. The acting is equally top notch and the cast list features so many familiar Australian faces, it becomes a great trip down memory lane.

The story revolves around country life in a very small town and the often times negative effects of power and privilege filtered through gossip and innuendo. Kate Winslet is fantastic as Myrtle ‘Tilly’ Dunnage who returns to the town to address some long held secrets. Liam Hemsworth (brother of Thor) is also very effective as the love interest.

The film is unafraid to throw the audience and the characters themselves under the bus and as such there are some very genuine moments of emotion, both good and bad. This disregard for traditional character actions makes the film even more fun.

Australian cinema has a long history of the odd cinematic character and for films that delve into the unexpected. The Dressmaker belongs amongst the very best. It’s also easy to put it high on that list because of its impressive charm.

Rob Hudson