Late Night Movie Review

Transcending the snapshot of the film presented by its trailer, Late Night is surprisingly meaningful. It is far more than just a simple comedy. It flushes out its characters with warmth and intelligence and still secedes in being funny. It delivers its political message with an inclusive ease.

Set in the world of host driven late night television shows, it uses some of the inherent hypocrisy of the genre as its foundation. It builds something from this base that is equal parts comedy and social commentary. It makes statements but is far from preachy.



Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) is the much heralded and old school host who has lost touch with her audience and in some ways herself. She answers accusations of being anti female in her writing staff choices by hiring Molly Patel (Mindy Kaling), a slightly sycophantic woman who is sharp and unafraid to rock the boat. She pushes Katherine to expand her limited view.

Hats off to the talented Mindy Kaling for a screenplay that is never short of entertaining and socially relevant. Late Night cloaks its message in an appetising concoction of comedy and human endeavour.

Rob Hudson