Justice League Movie Review

Sometimes bigger is better. Having most of the main DC heroes in one film works out quite well in Justice League. The somewhat dour mood of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been lifted with this ensemble piece where humour is never that far away. Having The Flash provide the wide eyed wonder and dropping the funny lines lifts the entire film, even Ben Affleck is starting to satisfactorily inhabit the Batman role.

Elsewhere, Jason Momoa is actually able to make the Aquaman character seem cool and fast forwarding Wonder Woman’s arc allows Gal Gadot to act more naturally. It’s still at heart a comic book movie and this finds everything in overdrive, even the final battle is so over the top as to defy description. The CGI graphics are more moody and less photorealistic than other franchises and this gives the film its own look and feel.



One of the few minor letdowns is in the character of the Big Bad and without giving away too much, they are just a bit too generic. The balance between the recruitment and formation of the Justice League is finely sequenced but the final reel and its big battle is the film’s least successful element.

Also be warned DC has now fully jumped on the Marvel bandwagon and make sure to stay until the very end so as not to miss the coda at the end of the credits.

Rob Hudson