House Of Gucci Movie Review

A soap opera set on a grand scale, House Of Gucci is an almost perfect vehicle of escapism for these troubled times. The people that inhabit this world and so eccentric and conniving that it’s easy to forget your troubles as these folk are way worse than almost anyone you know or have to deal with on a regular basis.

Having caught a documentary before seeing the film on the real-life story that underlines this tale, it only hints at the depravity and manipulation that took place. Everyone has an agenda and they are all completely self-serving. The acting is also gloriously overstated and perfectly suits this fable of overindulgence. Lady Gaga is particularly adaptable at this excess.



There is entertainment to be had in several ways. It’s a lot of fun to catch the scenes that mirror some of the actor’s major meme moments, like Al Pacino’s famous Fredo declaration. Keeping the score of the actors dropping the faux accents is also very amusing. I’m looking at you AP. The ridiculousness of this level of entitlement pales in comparison to the actual reality of the super-rich.

Great art House Of Gucci is not but very entertaining it is and who doesn’t need an indulgent guilty pleasure right about now. On and by the way, those lost decades are calling and they want their fashion and hairstyles back.

Rob Hudson