Ford v Ferrari Movie Review

It’s almost a given that if you are a true fan of motor sport that any film with racing at its core will be filled with irritating inaccuracies. And while Ford v Ferrari is riddled with those above mentioned inconsistencies, it is still very much worth seeing on the strength of its human interest story.

Its two leads, Matt Damon as the American good old boy, Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as the prickly Pom, Ken Miles have great chemistry together. Their story is a bittersweet one and weaves a number of interesting elements together to create a multifaceted storyline.



Miles is portrayed as a family man and there are a number of touching scenes with his son Peter played by Noah Jupe and wife Mollie played by Caitriona Balfe, she of Outlander fame. While Shelby fights the good fight against the big soulless corporation and its misguided management.

Looking past the poorly staged and highly inaccurate racing scenes is made easy when you have such a rich story of human accomplishment. The good guys are decidedly easy to cheer for and the bad guys are portrayed more for laughs than any real malice.

Rob Hudson